Selling & Servicing Everything on the Farm

3108 John Small Ave.
Washington, North Carolina

Hardee By EVH Manufacturing Company, LLC is a leading manufacturer and marketer of agricultural equipment including cutters, landscaping equipment, trailers, disc harrows, agricultural sprayers and commercial sprayers. EVH, “The Original Hardee” Manufacturing Company was founded in 1956 to build sprayers for the local tobacco farmers. The company soon expanded to manufacture cutters and other equipment required for the agricultural community.

We offer all types of equipment for professional landscapers including Hydraulic Cutters, Rotary Cutters, Sprayers, Disc Harrows, Landscape equipment, Rotary Tillers, Rear-Mounted Scraper, General Purpose Scrapers, Rear-Mounted Box Blades, Soil Pulverizers, Landscape Rakes, Garden Bedder, Tracking Wagons, Tracking Wagon Extensions, Utility Carts, Utility Cart Extensions, and Tree & Ball Carts.

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Rotary Cutters
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